The Steering Committee for Humanitarian Response (SCHR) is a voluntary alliance of nine of the world’s leading humanitarian organisations, which come together to support quality, accountability and learning in humanitarian action.

The scale and reach of its members’ work means that SCHR can provide unique insights on what is working well, what needs improvement and what can be done to ensure that aid efforts have the most positive impact for people affected by crisis or people at risk of crisis. SCHR stuctures its work around operational policy, quality and accountability and interaction with the United Nations.


SCHR supports the Humanitarian Quality Assurance Initiative (HQAI) 

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HQAI’s mission is to provide the most suitable third-party quality assurance services for organisations that work with vulnerable and at-risk communities and, through this, incentivise consistent investments to improve the quality and accountability of their action.

The Grand Bargain Participation Revolution: what success looks like.

The Grand Bargain’s Participation Revolution work stream has produced success indicators to measure progress in achieving commitments. Work stream conveners hope that these indicators are a useful starting point and reference for donors and aid agencies seeking to develop or progress their own indicators. They also hope that the collective action indicators can be adopted at the country-level by donors, the HC and the HCT and by the IASC and OCHA and the IASC and GHD members at the global level.

Organisations are adopting the Misconduct Disclosure Scheme!

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The Inter-Agency Scheme for the Disclosure of Safeguarding-related Misconduct in Recruitment Process within the Humanitarian and Development Sector establishes a minimum standard for organisations to share information as part of their recruitment process about people who have been found to have committed sexual abuse, sexual exploitation or sexual harassment “Misconduct” during employment. For additional information please go to the Disclosure Scheme webpage of this website.